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Hello, I’m Omarr Moore, Founder of BLE Comics and creator of The New Knights. My love for comics stretches back over forty years, into the late seventies, when my older cousin, Stan introduced me into this world of fantasy which I would never leave.  Back then, we didn’t have many heroes that looked like us, but instead of letting that bother us we did something different; we made our own.  We literally had dozens of characters, teams, and stories that we made into comic books with nothing more than our imagination; folded typing paper and pencils.  Unfortunately, only one of our books survived the years, a 1979 comic that my cousin Stan made of his flagship team, The Guardian Angels (cool name to us kids back then).  I still have this book in safe keeping today as a reminder of that wonderful chunk of childhood.



the newknights

Two Old-School former teammates come out of retirement to lead the next generation of heroes.



the new knights2

Shadow and The Master travel to South Beach to meet the next generation of heroes that they hope to lead into a new era, but there's a surprise waiting for The Master that may be more than he bargained for.



the new knights3

The Master goes head to head with the new team in Miami, while a new villain tries to make a name for himself in Chicago.



the new knights4

The team goes through training exercises, meet new mentors, and learns the ins and outs of teamwork


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