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power and abilities


Shifting of physiology and abilities. Shared consciousness.

Flight and super speed (as Lelani)

Lelani can move and fly at great speeds, able to move fast enough to be barley detectable or as seen only as a blur.

Super Strength and durability (as Lei)

Lei has great strength and durability able to lift several tons, resist high artillery weapons , great impacts and extreme temperatures. Lei also has accelerated healing in the rare case of injury.



Quantum Twins of Speed and Strength

Full Name:  Lelani/Leion Kamala

Gender:  Female/Male

Place of Origin:  Honolulu Hawaii

Identity:  Publicly Known


Mutan: Human born with their special abilites

Strength Level:  7

Intelligence:  2

Agility:  7

Martial Skill:  3

Tactical Skill:  1


Age: 22 years old

Height (Lelani): 5.9 Feet/Inches

Weight (Lelani): ? Pounds

Height (Lei): 7.0 Feet/Inches

Weight (Lei): 375 Pounds

team affiliations

The New Knights

Founding member, arsenal storage and weapons specialist.


Little is known about Carney's history prior to meeting Ardent in the traveling carnival act.  When he met Ardent, he was the lead performer and biggest draw but ill-treated by the Ring Master and other performers and crew. He and Ardent built a great friendship and began performing together and protecting one another. After the two exposed the corruption of the carnival and fought off the performers, they were rescued and offered the opportunity to live with and join the New Knights.

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