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power and abilities

Impenetrable Force Field

The Master generates a fully self-sustaining, impenetrable force field of which he has complete control of, being able to alter its size, shape (limited) and intensity. The force field also acts as involuntary self-defense mechanism, protecting him in his sleep or from unexpected attacks. The force field act as an energy conductor, and can transport, absorb, and in some cases, redirect energy The force field is also self-sustaining so that he is protected from the elements, can breathe in any environment and has no need for food or water, although its effectiveness diminishes after prolong use or over-exertion, at which time it will need to recharge itself.

Super Strength and Durability

the energy of the force field courses through his body, which gives him extreme strength, speed , stamina, durability, healing, and reflexes; even when the force field is not emanating from his body. This allows him to lifts several tons with ease (the upper limits of which is still unknown) and resist attacks from various weapons. These abilities are increased exponentially when and depending on the level of which the force field is emanating from his body.

the master

Leader of the New Knights. Former leader of the Knights

Full Name:  Kyle Craig

Gender:  Male

Place of Origin:  Chicago, IL

Identity:  Publicly Known


Mutan: Human born with their special abilities

Strength Level:  9

Intelligence:  4

Agility:  6

Martial Skill:  7

Tactical Skill:  5


Age: 50 years old

Height: 6.2 Feet/Inches

Weight: 195 Pounds

team affiliations

The New Knights

Founding member and Field Commander

Cosmic Vanguard

Reserve member and trainer

The Knights

Founding member and Leader


As a founding member and leader of The Knights, The Master is one of the most powerful and respected heroes on earth. Originally called the Chicago Knights , The Knights were the sidekicks of the world's most formidable team of the 70s and 80s, The Guardian Angels. When the Angels were lost in another Dimension, The Knights became the premiere super team on earth until their disbandment after a team-wide disaster. In the aftermath of the break-up, most of the team went into retirement until the Annaunki invasion forced them to rejoin the current heroes of the era to defeat them. With the invasion defeated, The Master decided to stay semi-retired while still training the next generation of heroes and serving as a reserve member of the Cosmic Vanguard. After a mission with the AM Squad division of the Cosmic Vanguard, The Master's former team mate, Shadow convinced him to fully come out of retirement to train and join him in leading a new team of heroes that would come to be known as The New Knights.

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