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power and abilities

Energy Blasts

Powerful energy blast of varied intensity generating from her hands and eyes that she can use in a variety of ways.

Increased Durability

The energy that generates her blasts courses through her body, giving her increased but limited strength, durability and healing.

Skilled Combatant

As a former assassin, Ardent is killed in many forms of armed and unarmed combat. He skills have increased (particularly in non-lethal combat) since training with The New Knights.


Fiery member of The New Knights

Full Name:  Azaria "Zari" Shelton

Gender:  Female

Place of Origin:  Minneapolis, MN

Identity:  Publicly Known


Mutan: Human born with their special abilities 

Strength Level:  3

Intelligence:  3

Agility:  3

Martial Skill:  3

Tactical Skill:  3


Age: 23 years old

Height: 5.6 Feet/Inches

Weight: 135 Pounds

team affiliations

The New Knights

Muscle and mechanic. Founding member.


Ardent was abducted at a young age, initially for human trafficking, until her captors realized her unique gifts. This lead to a forced career as an assassin, for years, until she broke free and killed her jailers. Afterwards, Ardent traveled the country as a nomad, taking on odd jobs as a means to support herself until she came across a traveling Carnival and variety show. Ardent used her unique gifts to join the show, meeting and befriending a nameless performer whom she named Carnival (Carney) in the process. The two became very close and often performed together and protected one another from the other performers and crew members. After the two exposed the corruption of the carnival and fought off the performers, they were rescued and offered the opportunity to live with and join the New Knights.

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