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power and abilities

Dimensional Body Storage

Carnival is a living portal for a seemingly infinite but void pocket dimension where he stores a variety of weapons and gadgets (often repurposed to have carnival/circus based themes). He somehow knows where everything is and pulls out exactly what he needs just by reaching into his body "pockets" and pulling them out. He also uses this defensively to send projectiles (bullets, lasers, knives, etc) and other objects safely into the void while not interfering with other objects that he's placed there.

Skilled Combatant

Expert Acrobat and Circus Performer


Living storage unit, armory, and Founding Member of The New Knights

Full Name:  Unknown (nickname Carney)

Gender:  Male

Place of Origin:  Unknown

Identity:  Publicly Known


Alien: Extraterrestrial beings from other than earth or its primary dimension.  

Strength Level:  4

Intelligence:  3

Agility:  5

Martial Skill:  4

Tactical Skill:  1


Age: Unknown

Height: 5.9 Feet/Inches

Weight: 170 Pounds

team affiliations

The New Knights

Founding member, arsenal storage and weapons specialist.


Little is known about Carney's history prior to meeting Ardent in the traveling carnival act.  When he met Ardent, he was the lead performer and biggest draw but ill-treated by the Ring Master and other performers and crew. He and Ardent built a great friendship and began performing together and protecting one another. After the two exposed the corruption of the carnival and fought off the performers, they were rescued and offered the opportunity to live with and join the New Knights.

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