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power and abilities

Density Shifting

4 has the 4th dimensional ability to travel through solid three dimensional objects without disrupting their integrity, or, if she chooses, disrupting them in the process. She is quite skilled at this, allowing her to to complex surgical procedures, taking objects form inside other objects, and combatively (punching passed skin to hit nerve endings). She can also shift her density to appear "ghostly" or fully invisible. She can do the same to any items that she touches.

4th Dimensional Sight

4's 4th Dimensional sight allows her to see directly though three dimensional objects and have 4th dimensional "line of sight", seeing around corners, in curves and other on linear, three dimensional sight paths.


By traveling in and out of the 3rd dimensional at will, 4 is able to "teleport" herself and other objets. Although not instantaneous, she is able to do so with great speed and distance due to using 4th dimensional space-time (although she has only demonstrated the limited ability to move in either direction in time so that while her teleportation time is accelerated, she is not able to time travel to any advanced degree). Because most humans are left disoriented and confused y the experience of traveling into the 4th dimension, she uses this ability with others sparingly, as a defensive move to confuse and disarm enemies, or by forewarning others to close their eyes, hold their breath and cover their ears for the brief moment.

dimensia 4

Youngest member with ghost-like abilities. Daughter of Dimension 4

Full Name:  Paris Miller

Gender:  Female

Place of Origin:  Miami, FL

Identity:  Publicly Known


Alien: Extraterrestrial beings from other than earth or its primary dimension.  

Strength Level:  1

Intelligence:  5

Agility:  3

Martial Skill:  2

Tactical Skill:  2


Age: 19 years old

Height: 5.4 Feet/Inches

Weight: 125 Pounds

team affiliations

The New Knights

Recon, computer and cyber-security specialist.


As the daughter of former Knights hero, Dimension 4, Paris was born with a front row seat to the hero life; a life her father seriously wanted her to avoid. Having a mother who is a 4th dimensional being, Dimensia 4's powers are even more advanced than her father's who learned to tap into the 4th dimension through science. Having a lifelong dream to become a hero herself, she quickly excelled in school to fulfill her promise to her dad to finish school before taking up the mantle of hero. Once she finished her studies, she eagerly took up her "uncle" Terry's (Shadow) offer to join his new team that would soon to be known as The New Knights.

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